Light Soya Sauce "Chinese Beauty" San Kwan Loong
Light Soya Sauce "Chinese Beauty" San Kwan Loong Soya Sauce Malaysia, Penang, George Town Supplier, Manufacturer, Supply, Supplies | Kilang Kicap San Kwan Loong Sdn Bhd One of the Best Soya Sauce to go with Half Boiled Egg
Applications : Light soy sauce is saltier, thinner, and more “refreshing” than dark soy sauce. Light soy sauce is typically used for Cantonese-style stir fries and dipping sauce, such as sauce for sushi and fried tofu. Steaming Fish, best blend for half boil egg. Act as a secret ingredients for a lot of seasoning for meat or sauce for a lot of Chefs

Why our Dark Saue is unique : What makes our light soya sauce out standing is our process of brewing and extraction of natural cooked soya beans all is by natural ingredients. We maintain our best original natural flavors of aroma and taste. Also our Light Soy Sauce range is higher in protein level as compared to the rest of the light soy sauce.

Ingredients : Soybeans, Wheat Flour, Salt, Sugar, Caramel. *Contains Monosodium L-Glutomate as permitted flavour and preservative

Bottle Size available : 230 ml / 630 ml

Shelf Life : 15 months

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